Thursday, March 25, 2010


It's 5:15pm and I'm drinking coffee. I'm trying to wake myself up because I'm going to the movies tonight with my friend Trish. I was up a lot last night with Rocky so I'm feeling extra tired right now. We are seeing "Alice in Wonderland". Johnny Depp is in that movie. Johnny Depp. How I love Johnny Depp. Ok well every time I'm supposed to go out somewhere fun like this I end up having this feeling like I just want to stay home. I'm not going to because, like I said, Johnny Depp is in this movie. But I get all sentimental about abandoning John and how ever will Rocky go to sleep without ME there? I think of how warm our house is and how cold it is outside, and I think about how I could go to bed early to try and get more sleep. I always do that though. I never go to the movies with my friends. I HAVE to go. John won't let me stay home. Trish would kick my butt. I'll look forward to heading home after the movie and tell John all about Johnny Depp, uh, I mean "Alice in Wonderland".


Soldier without a War said...

did u make this pillow? it is super cute!! yes, i agree you NEED to go out with your friends sometimes. How was the movie?

Heather said...

Yes I made the pillow, and the movie was REALLY good. Johnny Depp was amazing.