Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today is cold and windy out. The kids are in school and I just got back from Kohol's. We keep getting these $10 off coupons so I went and used one and got this really cute short sleeved cardigan. I have therapy tonight and am wondering what to talk about. I'm not as depressed as I was, I'm always afraid I'm going to bore her. I had a therapist fall asleep on me once. Ouch! Jack and Stella are in school right now and Rocky and I are hanging out. I think we'll dye some Easter eggs today. The kids will like that and it will get them away from the TV for awhile.


Soldier without a War said...

I LOVE this picture....is this a close up of the hummingbird feeder? very pretty. I cant believe that a therapist fell asleep on you once... how incredibly rude!

Anonymous said...

The lady most likely was extremely tired not bored. Haven't you fallen asleeep when it wasn't a good time. Remember when I fell asleep at the wheel and slid into the back of a truck. It was not done on purpose. Anyway I also love the fascinating picture. xoxo

Lorissa said...

Hello friend. I checked your blog and was like "Whoa! you have all these new entries!" So I'm just catching up. Nice to see what's going on with you. Much love, lorissa.