Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I'm adjusting to some changes. Mainly my weight. Due to some trial and error with medications in the last few months I've gained over 30 pounds. AGHHHHH!! did I just say that?? It's true. I went from a 100 lb waif a year ago to a 160+ lb woman now. The increase did not take a year, I gained the weight in a super short period of time. I'm still in shock I think. When I see people I haven't seen in awhile I have to psych myself up so I won't chicken out and run away. I'm not saying I hate my body like this. Some days I like it just fine. It's just been a huge adjustment. It look me a long time to accept my body at a normal weight and now I'm looking at it with rolls and dimples I never had before. I've been going to the gym trying to work it off. No starving for me. This is my chance to prove to myself that I can control myself in a healthy way. A loving way. Wish me luck.


Soldier without a War said...

a voluptious woman is a sexy woman. :)

I will love you regardless. :) but lets stay healthy. :)

Amy said...

I hear you, and I *heart* you. You can, and p.s.. waifs aren't so great.