Wednesday, June 24, 2009



She brings the sparkle into our days. Mud and bugs and spiders tend to dominate around here. Detailed dissections of owl pellets, and bones, bones, bones are what fills the days of my boys. Stella though, she's going to dance party's with her dolls and frequently I find her painting her own fingernails. Some days she insists on being called Rose and other days Luna. She comes to me as Fluna, Airadel, Shine, Cha Cha, and Hello. She plays the parts and tells me what the other girls are doing. They are all sisters and all have need of a mom just like me. :) She is a girl wonderland, in her mind and in life. Horses, Kitty's, sequins, lotion, perfume, dolls, pink, princesses, butterfly's. She picks out her own outfits almost daily, asking me to lay the clothing out on the floor so she can pick the best outfit for the day. Most of the time I do it, and watch her scan each selection with a little smile on her face and then she points to one and announces her choice with glee. I love her, her freckles, and her brown eyes and her perfect little nose. She is a splash of delightful color in our mud bug filled days.


Helen said...

stella is definitely the girly girl -- you have the best of all worlds!

Soldier without a War said...

so cute!! I like how her dress is SO shiny and that she is so imaginative. :)

Camie said...

a beautiful portrait of your daughter - in picture and words.

thank you.