Friday, June 12, 2009


The weeks are passing by quickly. We've been busy doing this and that. Today we are headed to Sacramento to see my family. We've had some health challenges in my family lately, hearts and backs and toes. The last, the toe, belongs to Jack my son. He had a nasty growth carved out of his big toe. Down to the bone. Gross. They are testing it, but I'm sure it's nothing. So he is laid up for a week, no walking, foot raised. Lovely friends brought Jack a care package yesterday with books and activities that he could do while he was sitting around. I love our friends. I feel very very loved. A week or so ago we went and explored a creek with the same friends, a lovely day of getting wet and catching creek creatures. I miss some of my other friends I haven't seen in awhile. Lorissa, Gretchen,Amy (I know you live right by me!!). Our cat Holly passed away last week. We've lost 3 cat's in the last 6 months. We'd had Holly for 10 years and she was a big adorable sweetheart. We think she fell from our neighbors roof, if there was a cat CSI I would hire them though. All and all, through the good and bad our weeks are passing and I am riding the waves just fine. OK, off to Sac now, I have to figure out how to rig the back seat so Jack is comfortable, and then Starbucks for the ride :), a splurge to myself. Love to you, have a great weekend.


Erin said...

Great pic! So refreshing ... wish I was there

trish said...

ha - where's the pic of alton's bare buns???? i said that day that this was all i ever wanted for rachael as she grows up. good friends, beautiful nature in the great outdoor. really, what more do we need? oh, yes. potato chips. yes, indeed.

Lorissa said...

I miss you SOOOOOOOOOOO much. When can we get together?!

R.I.P. Holly :(