Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Jack, Stella, Rocky, and myself took the BART train into San Francisco last week and met some friends at the Yerba Buena Gardens. It was a mighty adventure for us. The thought of riding on the BART train anywhere without John, let alone the city, has always been quite a terrifying thought for me. 3 kids, one mom, and a public transit system I know virtually nothing about. I swallowed my fear and embraced the day and it was so much fun. I won't go into the details of just how confusing buying tickets was to me, and how nearly every time I tried to go through the turnstile I was directed to "see attendant", because that could easily fill a whole post.
Instead I'll tell you about the kids excitement at seeing their friends waiting for us at the station in SF, and how they ran around and ate lunch by the waterfalls, dipping their hands into the water and soaking up the sun.
They played and played and when it was time to go we headed home happy and satisfied.

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