Wednesday, January 14, 2009

power hour

Today Rocky took an extra nap. Whoa!! it was about noon and Rocky seemed cranky and I was in need of a break so I put him down, he was out quickly. Seeing my chance I seized the moment and quickly ushered Jack and Stella into their room for a "rest time". Yes!! quiet. A rare rare thing. It used to be I could do this often when Rocky napped a bit more consistently and Jack and Stella were younger, these day though, to get them all in a quiet state at the SAME time is a rare occurrence. So I heated up my chai, spread a sheet out on the grass and did nothing. I didn't read, or knit, or listen to my ipod. I just lie in the warm sun. Didn't even think all that much. It was relaxing and just what I needed. They are all up now, loud and ready to head back outside, so I'll go out and sit on the blanket and watch them play for awhile. Then I'll start dinner and on goes the evening. Have a beautiful night.


Soldier without a War said...

WHERE DID YOU GET THAT SHIRT???? I WANT IT!! also love those socks!! :)

Amy said...

the best use of nap time, hands down. and your outfit rocks.

Anonymous said...

yeah, ditto on above - want that shirt - but how in the world did you take that picture? and so glad the kids did the right thing for you!