Thursday, January 15, 2009

Grateful Friday

in our backyard
- These big red berries in our backyard
- Patti Smith's "Horses" album, one of my favorite albums ever
- American Idol :)
- Reading "Little House on the Prarie" out loud to the kids.
jack's feet
- Making the "perfect" mud today for mud pies
- Very sharp #2 pencils
- This week: Patti Smith, Ani Difranco, Mix cd's, Neko Case
- My friend Trish's new blog! I love having friends who blog
- Snuggling with Rocky at night
- Tonight when I asked the kids if they could travel anywhere where would it be Jack said "Mexico, Hawaii, or India" Stella said "ballet class or Rachael's house" Rocky said "Pizza".
- Fun with a new blog
- Eating granola with blueberry's and nuts and cold milk
- Studying Dinosaurs with Jack
- This post from Amy because I have been thinking about it everyday since she wrote it


marz said...
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marz said...

I love Year of Joy. very cool. very cool. inspiring.

Soldier without a War said...

i am so cracking up that Rocky said Pizza!! but Jack definitly will be going places by his answer!! so cool. I also love your new website...and have been thinking about it since yesterday when i first read it. Yay for american idol too!! i have to go do my grateful friday post ...almost forgot!!

tinkerwiththis said...

i heart the new banner :)

Lorissa said...

I used to call those berries "piggies" when I was little. We had them all over our yard (but they are poisonous, so don't let the kids eat them or stick them up their nose!).

Lorissa said...

P.S. Love the new banner too!!!