Friday, January 30, 2009

Greatful Friday

- My migraine is gone. Puking on the side of the freeway with three concerned kids watching is not fun. I came home and was taken care of by these 3 angles of mine, rest+love+water = happy
- $100 dollars off of a speeding ticket just for showing up in court to ask. Thanks judge.
- A birthday coffee and babysitting from my friend
- Watching American Idol with John at night
- This week: Coldplay, They Might Be Giants, Bob Marley
- New mango body lotion from my sister, I could just squirt it in my mouth and eat it
- My kids are THE sweetest little guys
- Jack has his first loose tooth.


eclecticcuriosities said...

no more wine for you! so glad the judge was cool - i know you were apprehensive about that. glad you had a great week (well, minus the migraine)

Amy said...

hope that loose tooth has nothing to do with the pillow whacking benen gave him:). Tell him i'll tie it to a door and slam it for him if he wants...

marzkim said...

ohmygosh! migraine! when did that happen?!? glad your little sweeties were so sweet to you!

gonzomama said...

i had a they might be giants kind of week too! oh and a migraine week.
first loose tooth, so cool!

Soldier without a War said...

that is awesome about the judge!!! wine is very yummy, but maybe you should stick with beer :)... that is cool that you love the lotion!! :)

Anonymous said...

Ticket!!! Did someone say ticket??? Did someone say the judge took away $100 of the whole ticket? Strange that I did not hear about this little incident. :>( (hugs)