Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Yesterday morning was spent at the marina. A beautiful day spent with our homeschool group.
Jacks muddy feet
There was sea glass found and muddy feet made.
the group
The kids have made some really great friends in this group. As have I. When we moved here a little over a year and a half ago I was a mom with a newborn and two toddlers. I had never moved out of my hometown, and I was freaked. No family, no friends. I felt alone for awhile. This group is special to me.
There are my friends Helen and Amy. Who are funny, and wise, and inspireme in so many ways.
And then there are new friends Trish and Chrystie who I'm happy to get to know. I never would have thought when we moved here that I was capable of making a whole group of friends. I have though, and I'm amazed at how great they all really are.


Anonymous said...

Isnt that the greatest thing about moving?? I think that is why i like it so much!! The world is full of people and new friends to make. and i must say that first pic with the geese and the clouds is simply AMAZING!!!!

<3 ya,

Renee said...

Good for you. Friends are the best.
I like the muddy feet.

Amy Chionis said...

back at ya, sister.
Big hug.

Krista said...

this experience sounds so similar to the one i've had with my home school group. nice.

Beth said...

I have moved 13 times in 24 years....and it's always hard, but the friends along the way....PRICELESS !!!

you said it beautifully !!!

Helen said...

Alright, my hearts melting. Cut it out.

Elissa said...

i can't even imagine such a move and how hard it would be to plug in when you are an at home mommy... i have enough trouble even without that kind of move. what a lovely group of people to hook up with! you are blessed.

Marz said...

considering how hard a move is, much less a first move in one's life, I think you are & will continue to pull through in an amazing way. And I am so glad God brought a new friend to me, you really have been a breath of fresh air. :)
And wake up sleepy head! It's 4pm Friday and I need to see a Grateful Friday list! ha ha, it's 1am there....