Friday, August 01, 2008

Grateful Friday

Sunflower in our garden
- Sunflowers
- A wonderful working bread machine from Freecycle.
- This week: Vampire Weekend, Ani Difranco, Kate Nash.
- The kids giving me smooches, and chasing each other around the house.
- The Olympics start in 7 days.
Rocky looking through the cracks
- Rocky's curiosity
- Telling the truth, not keeping secrets.
- My friend Maritza's art which inspires my own creativity.
- Honey and cinnamon
- Green beans from our garden
- A Johnny Depp movie to watch tonight.
- Curried rice
- A Johnny Depp movie to watch tonight :)


Renee said...

Amen to that Johnny Depp movie. I love your new banner too.

Beth said...

funny how I read blah blah blah...JOHNNY DEPP :)

not really.... I love your grateful friday posts....they are always so real and honest !!!

Helen said...

Hey, we watched Edward Scissorhands a few weeks ago, that count as a Johnny Depp classic...

Anonymous said...

Sweeney Todd.

Allison said...

The picture of the sunflower is absolutely amazing! The one of Rocky is priceless. Love the banner too!

Marz said...

I am in Sweden!!!!
I'm blogging!!!
and saying Hi to you!!!!

And I love Stella's pic!

Have I yelled loud enough?!? Can you hear me over there in California?!?!?!?