Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm learning

I'm learning. That even though I have really sweet kids.
Who are cute and funny and more than I could have ever dreamed of. That even though I signed up for this mommy thing. That this is what I do, it's my job, it's my life.
That it's alright to get it wrong sometimes. It's alright to blow it. That does not mean I'm failing at motherhood. It means I'm normal. I'm learning to be more flexible, and to relax, and to say "well that was a crappy morning" and move on instead of beat myself up for it. I'm learning these things veeerrry sloooowllly. But I'm getting it and that's a good thing.


Amy Chionis said...

I am learning along with you. What a lesson!

Helen said...

I feel this way too. Thanks for putting it so nicely.

LOVE the banner!

Helen said...
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J. Frances said...

Thank you for always being so honest in your posts -- There is so much about what you say that I know I have admitted to myself but never "out-loud". When we stop learning how to cope with life and the interesting people that are thrown into it - that is when we have failed!

Beth said...

I'm learning right there with you....and you'd think by now I'd have a better idea as to what works and what doesn't...but those teenage years are really tough !!!

Hang in there...and the best thing is that no matter what we do, our kids always think we are terrific!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blog.
Someday I hope I have kids . I hope I have the grace to cope like you and a million other parents.

gonzomama said...

just found your blog and wanted to say you expressed those sentiments perfectly. thanks for sharing them.

Elissa said...

so much that you say resonates with me. thank you for your honesty and openness and for all your beautiful photographs! they always make me smile!