Monday, July 28, 2008

100 Strangers : #2 Fritz and #3 Margrete

Stranger #2 : Fritz Heising
I saw Fritz taking pictures with his gigantic lens on the marina in Martinez. He was sitting on a bench with his wife Margrete watching the seagulls when I asked him if I could take his photo for the 100 Strangers project. He agreed right away with an warm smile. He is from Germany and has a sweet accent. His wife and him have been here in the U.S. for 33 years. We takes amazing photos of local wildlife. Fritz is a warm sweet, soft spoken man. Thank you Fritz for the photo and the conversation.
Check out his really amazing photos, and his wifes beautiful paintings at www.heisingart.comStranger #3 : Margrete Heising
Margrete is Fritz's wife. As Fritz took photo's of activity on the marina, Margarete sat beside him eating a sandwich, keeping him company and checking things out with her binoculars now and then. She told me they come out to the marina alot to watch the pelicans. Margrete is a painter. A REALLY talented painter. go there and be blown away. I asked to take her portrait for the 100 Strangers project and as she paused, a moments shy hesitation, Fritz jumped in saying 'yes yes, I give you permission'. 'Ahh, Is that how it goes in this relationship?' I said. With a beautiful smile Margrete consented. Thank you Margrete for your sweet photo.


Lorissa said...

Whoa, Magrete's paintings are BEAUTIFUL! I wish I could buy one right now.

Helen said...

I think this project you are working on is awesome.

Anonymous said...

i really really like this gives me chills everytime (although i am not sure why).... it is awesome!! i am just glad there is 97 more to look forward to.... yay!!!


Anonymous said...

What a great project you've taken on. I think that is wonderful. Everyone has a story in life and without this project you probably would have never known their story. You will probably touch some strangers life and inspire others and others will inspire yours in the course of the 97 more people you meet and talk to. Look forward to reading about it!

tinkerwiththis said...

this is SUCH a great idea. what a way to force yourself out of your comfort zone.

jenica said...

i love that you're doing this! i can't wait to see all the strange (and wonderful) people you come across. doesn't it look like margrete has a secret for us? ;-D

i am tagging you today on my blog: 6 word memoir. have you done it before?