Friday, August 08, 2008

Grateful Friday

- My friend just sent me this "Where the Hell is Matt?" from YouTube. Ok It may just be me and my wacky day, but this made me cry like a baby.
- Strange things I find to photograph
- The Olympics opening ceremonies tonight
- Potluck with friends tomorrow
- Nutella
A message to me from the bathroom
- The kids having a friend over for a sleepover last night
- The smell of cinnamon pancakes
- Family fishing trip early tomorrow morning
- Breaking my no tv rule for dinner prep time lately. It's kept me sane


Anonymous said...

That 'never find you' picture is not referring to the dog, or is it?

Hey, sweetpea I lost your phone #. Help me find a replacement. Luv & hugs, m~%)m

Heather said...

dog? huh?

Amy Chionis said...

I think a crazed mother wrote that on the bathroom wall. This came to me this morning after I locked myself in the bathroom. I need a TV with BRAVO and a refrigerator in there.

Marz said...

hola! I am going to sleep. Have a fun day! I already watched the opening ceremonies finish a couple hours ago, ha ha, time differences are weird.

Helen said...

I'm trying really hard to figure out what that pic is. Trippy.

Beth said...

thanks so much for the youtube video....I've watched it twice and now I'm passing it on to others !!!

Happy Weekend to you !!!

Marz said...

I'm totally gonna pass this one on!!! Oh thank ou, I didn't want to watch at first when you said "cry" coz you know, didn't wanna cry? But this is awesome. OK and I did want to cry when I saw it. Just emotional over here in Sweden! I saw him dancing in Stockholm and I thought I am going to miss this country when I'm gone!