Thursday, May 01, 2008

This nicest thing about living in the bay area to me is that you can get away to what seems like remote places in less than half an hour. On Tuesday our homeschool group headed to the Berkeley Botanical Gardens. The place it breathtaking.
The kids ran in a group up and down the trails finding ponds and frog marshes and strange plants. They got dirty and wet, they got reprimanded by the garden staff, and best of all they had so much fun.
The best part for me besides the beautiful setting was the other women I was with. Just hanging out walking watching our kids and chatting about life together. It was nice.
The redwoods feel like magic to me. Before we left for the day we headed to a redwood grove and explored it's trails. We found giant trees and sunlit patches of clover and lush ferns. We will be heading back here soon. This is exactly what I want for my kids to be doing with their days right now. To be out in the world touching and seeing, and falling in love with it all.


Anonymous said...

maybe its because its that time of month for me, but I got teary eyed for this post.... i could almost smell the forest and botanical air...this is awesome...they will remember these days forever... : )

luv, heidi

Marz said...

lets go together sometime! I was just thinking how once May ends, we will be in summertime.. maybe be can be pretend homeschoolers for the summer... I love outings (once the kids stop crying, are buckled in, and the car is moving in the right direction...)

gkgirl said...

this is awesome...
lovely pictures!