Friday, May 02, 2008

Grateful Friday

- Bob Marley in the morning
- Cesaria Evora at night
- Rocky's soft long curls
- Lemon balm and mint in our morning smoothies
- Jack's Birthday party tomorrow
- Seeing my mom and sister and maybe my dad tomorrow.
- Watching "A case for Christ" and also reading the book and feeling my faith getting stronger.
- Jack's determination to master the rope swing at wrestling practice
- Cool clothes from free-cycle yesterday
- Rocky's cute bottom


Renee said...

Long, soft curls and a cute bottom. What could be better? Pretty azalea, by the way.

Marz said...

wait!!!! your sister was at the party and I didn't make the connection?? Bummer! Also thanks for reminding me about freecycle, and Yes- Jack's determination at the rope was awesome- inspiring how he went back the three times no matter how challenging, and he was successful!!! We were just all cheering.