Monday, May 05, 2008

This morning I broke the no TV during the week rule we started a couple of months ago. I couldn't resist. Yesterday at the library I ran across the They Might Be Giants CD "Here Come the 123's" So I snagged it. The kids are big fans of TMBG's CD "Here Come The ABC's" So I knew they would like it. Well it turned out the "123's" had a bonus DVD in it with videos of all the songs.
So, you see it's educational AND fun. Now how could I put a ban on something like that?


Marz said...

cool!!! I have loved that TMBG does kids music, they were are fave in high school. I even wrote fan letters to them & got a reply once. :)

Amy Chionis said...

I want those chickens.

Rebecca F. said...

No tv throughout the week? Sounds painful to me. LOL.

Rebecca F.