Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I love those long eyelashes. The little guy is sick with a cold. I'm looking forward to a warm day spent in the shade of our backyard today. Jack has wrestling tonight, so I think that will be our one outing. I smell of leeks and onions and garlic already. Lentil soup is on the menu tonight, so I have to seize the moment and chop when the kids are occupied. I like doing all the prep work early anyway, less stressful later on.


Helen said...

hey smelly momma. I'm sorry Rocky is under the weather. I felt a scratch last night and then woke with a mean sore throat. Grrrrrr

Stay cool!

Amy Chionis said...

Ah, this explains the precious naps yesterday. Hope you are well otherwise.

Marz said...

early dinner prep work is a goal I often have but don't reach :) ha ha!

vickie said...

great lash shot! you are smart to chop when's a great idea. on the weekends i always boil water and make pasta in the morning knowing it'll come in handy around lunch. and then there's bread in the breadmaker...i take such pleasure fitting it in when able...we are the ultimate multi taskers! we have to be!

by the way omnivore's dilemna is fascinating...i think it'll change a whole lot of what we're doing in a really good way!