Friday, May 16, 2008

Grateful Friday

- Grateful to be safe and healthy with everyone I love around me. My heart breaks everytime I read the paper and it always makes me count my blessings.
- This beautiful sunset on Wednesday night.
- At dusk every evening we hear a trumpet player practicing. The player is good and it always sets me in a good mood. One night maybe we'll walk around our neighborhood and try and find where he or she is.
- Avacado's with salt
- Air conditioning
- Stella's obsession with Ballet


Chris said...

What a beautiful sunset! Love your Grateful Fridays. I have Thankful Fridays on my blog. Makes me reflect on the week and of the good things.

Amy Chionis said...

I eat avocados with salt and chili pepper out of the skin with a spoon. By the pound. Maybe this is why those Theory pants you gave me are tight.

telfair said...

You always take gorgeous pictures, but that one is really spectacular!

Helen said...

Good thing that trumpet player is good...