Friday, February 22, 2008

Grateful Friday

Jack's muddy shoes
-On Wednesday hiking in the hills by our house. Sliding around in the mud.
-Homemade strawberry/blueberry smoothies.
-A date tonight with my sweet John. -Warm homemade bread with butter.
-Rocky babbling.
-John's squinty eyes when he smiles.

-Jack's sweet little smile.
-Standing and looking at the stars in the backyard with the kids at night.
-Circus animal cookies.
Rocky hiking


tinkerwiththis said...

the photo of the tree and clouds is breathtaking!

Marz said...

what a beautiful day for a walk that was. missed u guys today! hope all is a-ok!!

Helen said...

Looks like so much fun! Is this Hidden Lakes?

asianarnold1 said...

Hope your family is doing well. I'ts been a while.


Shawn and Laura said...

HI there, I saw your site on my friends blog...what kind of camera do you have? I love the pictures!