Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Today is one of those weird days were I woke up in a really good mood despite having gotten very little sleep last night. I can be a grump in the morning. Today though I'm feeling pretty good. I think all of our sicknesses are finally going away and even though there is lots of rain in the forcast I'm not to bummed because as long as we are all healthy I can handle things. I've been looking forward to restarting a scarf I had tried knitting and then abondoned awhile back because being new to knitting and all I screwed it up so many times I decided I hated knitting. But really I don't. I really like it even though I don't know quite what I'm doing yet. Really what I want to knit is some cool leg warmers I saw in the book "Last Minute Knited Gifts", but I have to wait until I can get it at the library again, which should be soon. I'm also looking forward to making my pie this week, last week we had pumpkin. I doubled the pumpkin on accident so it was super mild, but still really yummy. Today I'm going to start reading a new book. Do lots of laundry. Build a giant sheet fort in the living room, and listen to my new favorite cd "Wicked: The Original Brodcast Recording".


Helen said...

mmmmm pie. See ya tomorrow.

Rebecca F. said...

Sounds like a nice day to me. Sheet forts are great.

Very silly picture of a very silly girl!! :)

Rebecca F.

Marz said...

yay! it sounds like the tide is turning! :)