Monday, January 14, 2008

Rocky walking
The sunshine felt good this weekend. It felt good to take the kids out in the cool air and play after being in the house for so long. We went on our first bike ride as a family. Jack on the little attached bike that hooks to John's, and me pulling Rocky and Stella in a trailer.
Bike ride
Jack was a little scared and kept yelling at John to hit his brakes and slow down. It was his first time riding like this. He did really good though. We kept reasurring him he would not fall if he just kept holding on. This was just a little taste of spring and summer fun waiting for us. It was a good weekend.


Blogging Molly said...

I love those alley cats. We took advantage of the weather this weekend and took the kids down to a trail along the river to ride bikes. What a blast! I ran, they rode, and I can't wait to do it again.

Anonymous said...

Rocky is going to be my little volksmarcher in a few years. Hapijack looks pretty good behind John. They will be riding side by side in no time. G-ma #:)

Helen said...

so cute! And Jack is so brave. See ya tomorrow :)