Friday, January 11, 2008

Grateful Friday

- I'm grateful for the customer service and protection that Flickr provides. Within about 3 hours of a nasty comment being left on a photograph of Stella, Flickr notified me and closed the guys flickr account. I'm grateful for the reminder to really go to great lengths to protect my kids.
Flower in winter
On to a lighter list
- Friday night Pie Night. (today I made banana cream)
- Trips to Pet Smart to play with the animals
- Our new snail Gary
- Being warm and dry in cold wet weather
- None of us are sick
- Judy Garland on a rainy day
- Listening to Jack try and sing along to songs
- Blogs I'm enjoying Big and Little , Diary of a Domestic Animal , and Blue Yonder
- Tinker Toys


Chris said...

All nice things to be grateful for, especially everyone being healthy!

jenica said...

just catching up...

i love your pet's names. GARY, of course he's a snail!

Sivan said...

Heather, I'm so sorry about that sick guy who left that comment! oh it makes me so mad and worried when I realize people like that are out there!!! Good thing it was handled as it should by you and Flickr!
I love listening to the kids trying to sing songs, it's especially cute when they make up their own words :)
Have a lovely and happy weekend!