Thursday, January 10, 2008


If this person rickybail69 Ever wants to be your contact on flickr say no!!. He left an inappropriate comment about Stella. BLOCK HIM.


Wendy said...

The internet freaks me right out. I'm so sorry this happened!

Alecia said...


I'm so sorry. We've had the same thing happen to us on Flickr. It's just sickening. We had a picture of Maddie in her diaper (innocent!) and saw that someone had linked to it as their favorite. I looked at the guy's profile and his favorites and they were all pics of little kids in diapers or bare-bottomed. Made me so sick. I immediately blocked him, but also went through all our pics and removed any that even seemed slightly alluring for jerks. Sad thing is, you never know what someone's fetish is going to be and what they'll be getting off on. One day I found someone had tagged a picture of my foot as their favorite. Of course all the guy's favorite pics were of feet, some sexually implicit. Argh. It's frustrating because Bill and I don't want to make our photos completely private, as we like having our friends and family, even ones that visit our site occasionally, to be able to see what's new with the girls. It's just so scary out there, especially for parents of little girls, as I'm sure you know (not that it really seems to be any safer for boys.)

Again, I'm so sorry this happened. I just remember crying so much the first time I realized it about some of our pics and how violated and angry and sad I felt.

Anonymous said...

I hope you called and reported it. They have ways of tracing those things. GRRRR! This makes me so mad!


Rebecca F. said...

Aw Heather. How awful.

I too am so sorry this happened. I enjoy your pictures and stories so much. I visit everyday, even if I don't comment every post.

Damn. I'm so sorry that one piece of crap had to ruin it for you.

Hugs and more hugs for you.

Rebecca F.

Helen said...

That is so upsetting. Creepy, creepy people who are really big losers who hide behind their computers and do digusting things. That makes me so angry.

Marz said...

I am just catching up on your blog, and I see here what happened... ugh!!! Those things creep me out. I have a friend who writes lots of stuff, and she does not use anyone's real name in her blog... I am thinking it's a deliberate choice, but I want to see what her strategy is... maybe I will try something like that.. but I'd have to go back and edit my blog... work, but maybe worth it....

be safe!!