Friday, January 18, 2008

Grateful Friday

- So grateful for this little guys giggle
- and for family games of hide and go seek
- I'm grateful for blueberry pie
- and for medicinal tea that says it will make me calm and sleepy at bedtime (even after an insane amount of pie? hmmm we'll see)
- Grateful it's a 3 day weekend
- and that the kids now define Saturday as "the day we get bacon and daddy is home" (I even draw a little picture of bacon on the calendar so they can see when Sat. is coming)
- I'm happy about beans. I really love them, I love black beans and lentils, red beans and white beans.
- and I'm grateful for when I find our favorite beer on sale.
-I'm grateful for letters from my mom and for phone calls and emails from my sister
- I'm grateful for my husbands warm hands and kind heart.


kristen said...

he is delicious! and YEAH for bacon!! have a great weekend.

Rebecca F. said...

Boy, he really is changing. Looking more like a toddler! He is so handsome.

Hugs and good thoughts coming your way!

Rebecca F.

Blogging Molly said...

My he is growing (since I first saw a picture of him over the summer). Enjoy the bacon and let us know if that tea works - I could use a cuppa.

Marz said...

Wow, it's true, Rocky does look different! Nate missed playing with Jack With The Little Brother Named Rocky today at church. I'm glad they get to hang out soon!

vickie said...

he is getting cuter and cuter!!! have you seen comedian jim gaffigan's skit on "bacon" Hilarious.