Thursday, January 03, 2008

Stella was sitting at the table coloring this doll cut out. She calls out to me. "Mooommmyyyy, III haaaave a surpiiiiiise for yooouuuu" She proudly holds her doll up and says "She's sooooo prettyyyy"
....and here's the artist and her work.


Chris said...

Stella and my 3 year old daughter Casey would be great coloring mates. So pretty.

telfair said...

That's so cute! Sort of looks like the lovely princess doll just got done eating some blueberries! :)

Marz said...

beauty in the eyes of a child is priceless and perfect! Recently Nate saw a thing on TV with this older woman that had a lot of make-up on, and he said- "She's beautiful, right mama?" Good boy!

vickie said...

she IS so soooooo pretty and the doll is cute too!