Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Golden Year

Shark and Ashley
Happy New Year. Meet our new family members Shark and Ashley. Each morning I wake up and am eager to see if they made it through the night. It's been 7 days now and the are going strong. When I got them at the pet store the empoyee who helped me seemed pretty sure they would die. She encouraged me to start with the "cheap gold fish" because we might "go through a few of them at the beginning". Whatever, alright, so we hand picked the two we wanted. I must say I've grown quite found of these two little guys. Ashley likes to hang out in the back of the tank, I think she is a little shy. Shark has the black mohawk and watch out, he is just as wild as he looks. This is going to be a good year. The Chinese say gold fish bring good luck and I believe it. These little fish make us happy.


Renee said...

Such a pretty picture. Well, welcome Shark and Ashley. I hope they have a nice long life. Well, as long as a goldfish's life can be anyway.

Chris said...

I have learned from experience with fish that if they don't die right away, they tend to live a long time. May your fish live long healthy lifes!

Isn't it amazing how fish can have fun little personalities. I like to keep fish next to my kitchen sink to talk to while I clean the kitchen and do dishes. They are really good listeners!

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