Friday, January 04, 2008

Grateful Friday

Lion and Cow
- rain storms
- the smell of coffee shops
- a warm home to live in during stormy weather
- my mom
- friends who bring your family a pizza when you are feeling sick
- free printable color pages
- Shark and Ashley our goldfish
- orange juice
- reading under a warm blanket on rainy days
- after Christmas sales


Wendy said...

My kids love Operation too! So funny. Hope you guys are not floating away over there. Let's hook up soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather! I just wantd to give you a little known fact about goldfish that I learned from Mr.Roger's, if they are looking like they aren't doing too well, like floating on their sides, put them in a bowl of room temp. water w/table salt. I had a goldfish (Steve) that lived for 8 years.

Kimberly :)

Chris said...

Glad that my kids aren't the only ones that wear costumes around the house. I currently have batman, spiderman and a panda playing legos in the floor lol.