Friday, December 14, 2007

Grateful Friday

Jack's pirate
- Going to Sacramento this weekend to see friends and family.
- Watching Jack and Stella play in the dirt in the backyard
- When Stella says we are best friends
- Cheese pizza
- Finally sending out some Christmas cards
- New Christmas books from the library
- Jack making me laugh this morning in the Starbucks drive thru by rolling down his window and trying to add a kids coco to my order.
- Rocky's cute litte bottom
- John can fix anything


Renee said...

Hooray for husbands that can fix everything! And also cute baby butts!

kristen said...

i'm envious of a husband that can fix anything! my husband is handy-man challenged so a lot of that is left to me. (=

fantastic photo and lucky you for a baby tushy, i so miss those delicious folds of baby. xo

Helen said...

Hope your weekend was great!