Wednesday, December 12, 2007

our days

Our days are filled up lately with lots of play, lots of dress up time, and lots of messes. There are colored pencils and pens and paper scattered on the table right now. Dress up clothes all over the house. Blankets and pillows piled high to "trap Rocky up".
I try to remain relaxed about the mess. The only time it really gets to me is when they are through playing and they complain and whine and moan about cleaning up. I have to stop myself from just doing it for them. We will start some baking for our neighbors in the next few days, and I really need to get the Christmas cards done. Yesterday I admitted to John that I had been feeling quite blue the last week or so. I know it is directly related to the amount of sugar I've been pigging out on. Pretty much just short of chugging from the 1 lb sugar bag itself. That in combo with very little excercise makes me one sad mama. So my new plan is 1. run around with the kids more, and 2. only eat chocolate at night with John with our tea. I should be smiling again in no time.


Server Girl said...

hmmm... there is only one thing that will solve this blue-ness and that is peppermint stick ice cream... u have no idea how good it truly is!! :)

Wendy said...

Doesn't the mess start to rattle you after a bit, and in a small house every little piece of stuff sticks out! But, I guess it means everyone is having fun. Enjoy the sugar with your tea tonight! Hey, I had to swear off beer during the week ;) but I might cheat tonight! lol

Anonymous said...

I love your "Keep Calm" poster. I've been checking out his stuff and I want to get one of my own.

Helen said...

oh yeah...Christmas cards!! I better get on that too :)

Is Jack really sleeping in the sleeping bag? Cute pics!

Sivan said...

I love these photos, they make me feel warm and happy. And yes, is Jack really sleeping in that sleeping bag? Rocky doesn't look like a baby anymore, sitting there next to Stella, wow.

jenica said...

i always love your pics. i think it's so wonderful that jack could be sleeping amidst the *messes.*

messes just mean that kids are learning! they're exploring. they're imagining. they're expanding their horizons. and YOU, dear mama, are encouraging this phenomenal growth. just slap your wrist the next time you try to put it away without them helping. hehe!