Monday, September 10, 2007


Yosemite was wonderful. We camped in Upper Pines campground with both of our mom's. Everyday we played in the woods, went on hikes, and ate junk food.
This log was the meet up location for all the kids in the surrounding campgrounds. Each day they would gather around it and start playing hide and seek or cars.
Ahwahnee Hotel
We visted the historic Awhanee hotel. Mom bought us a bottle of wine and we sat outside on the patio and drank it up. While we were sitting there a bear played in the meadow in front of us for awhile and then walked off. It was so cool to see one during the day. It was pretty big, and it ignored us and the crowd that gathered to watch it.
Half Dome at dusk
Pictures do not do Half Dome justice, especially at sunset it is amazing.
flashlights in the tent
Every night the kids would climb into their sleeping bags and play with flashlights until they fell asleep.
The best company you could ask for. Our moms.


Kristi said...

That is just so cool. I love Yosemite and love spending time with family. You got the best of both worlds!

vickei said...

Hey Heather, sounds SOOOO wonderful especially the wine, hotel and bear!!!!

We've been once...makes me want to go back maybe with 2 moms.... God love em!

Renee said...

Beautiful pictures. I'm sorry we are so far from Yosemite; it's beautiful.

telfair said...

Hi there, welcome back!! I think your photos are beautiful and although I've never been there, it makes me want to go BADLY!

Riss said...

I was eager to hear how your trip went. Sounds like it went well (unless you're keeping out the downer stuff). Amazing how majestic some big rocks can be.

Miss ya much :)

Irene said...

I love Yosemite. beautiful photos.

gkgirl said...

this sounds like a fantastic time!
and the pictures...
thanks for posting them.