Wednesday, July 11, 2007



love the cool weather
jittery from coffee
tired from sleepless nights with Rocky
don't know what to eat for lunch
happy finished "Suite Franscais" (I know I spelled it wrong)
procrastinating bible reading and the dirty kitchen
want to talk to John
glad the kids are playing nicely outside
I hate the smell of the hotdogs in the kitchen sink
want to watch Ellen today
thinking about cutting all my hair off, though I promised John I would wait until next summer if I did it
Rocky is crying again, sigh, I love him but come on, can you please take a nap longer than 15 minutes?


telfair said...

Oh dear.

Sounds like a rough day.

Hang in there, the law of averages means a better one is coming your way swiftly.

Renee said...

Nice random thoughts. Cute picture of your girl. I'm so glad you turned comments back on. I kept clicking on 'post a comment' and couldn't do it for the past few weeks!

techamama said...

Lovely photo,

jenica said...

sounds like my life sans coffee. hope your day perks up. i'm thinking of taking the kids on an adventure to beat the blues, the kitchen mess, and the icky body feelings. ;-D

vickie said...

oh man and I thought I had it rough having to come to work today. mamas at home work sooooo hard....i'm sorry it's going so rough.

at least you know tomorrow will be better.

deep breath