Monday, July 09, 2007

How to have a relaxing Sunday evening. This is our tradition we like to call it our "Sunday Night Drive":
#1. Don't give the kids a nap that day
#2. Feed them dinner at 6pm and put them in their Pj's
#3. Load them in the car and tell them we are going on a fun drive
#4. Note time (this was our record 11 minutes)
#5. Watch kids drift off to sleep while you cruise down the freeway
#6. Celebrate
#7. Go home and put them in bed
#8. Relax

Ahh good times. Once the kids were in bed last night there was plenty of daylight left so John and I went into the back and played some frisbe. Later we came in had some cake and wine and watched one of my favorite movies "Lost in Translation." This is how our Sunday nights have been going, it's sort of a date night at home, untill we get out babysitting co-op started (which is going to be soon!! Yipee!!) this is perfect for us.


jenica said...

i heart this idea. and i love the cute photo documentation. adorable. my kids, regardless of not having a nap, won't stop talking for long enough to sleep in the car. boo hoo. ;-D

telfair said...

The pictures are beautiful, but then again I suppose it helps to have a beautiful family. ;)

Babysitting co-op -- what a great idea!

Allison said...

Love the collage and the cake looks divine. Glad you are getting some time to important!

Sivan said...

looks like a fun sunday night!
i looove "lost in translation"!!! ohhh, and the cake looks sooo good... :p

AndiMae said...

I love this idea! If only my daughter would stay asleep during the transport from car to bed... And yes, baby-sitting co-ops are the best!

P.S. You take such awesome pictures :)

Renee said...

This IS a great idea. I've never thought of that. Unfortunately, two of mine are too old for it, but maybe we'll try it on John M.!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and have been reading for a few months. Great family and stories!

But, I have to mention this only because I'm a child passenger safety tech - why is your baby forward facing in the car!!!! It is the law in CA that they be rear facing until one year of age AND 20 pounds. Even if Rocky is 20 pounds, he needs to wait until one year of age to forward face. Please read up on the current standards at:
I only mention this out of care for your family and not to criticize or make you feel bad.

Lisa said...

This is so funny! Great idea.

Alecia said...

I love it!!!! Perfect. I especially love the collage.

We've done something fairly similar in that we'll have a nice night out and start to get them ready for bed before we head home. I actually have extra toothbrushes and toothpaste for them in my bag (no water, but they really only eat the bubblegum toothpaste anyway). We get them to brush their teeth as soon as we get in the car. They usually fall asleep on the way home. They aren't in their pajamas, but their teeth are clean!

Melba said...

I thought I was the only one who does this!

h&b said...

too funny !!