Thursday, July 05, 2007

Grateful Friday

( mom, Stella lifted this from your place, I told her we would bring it back. She has not let go of it since we left Wednesday)

- "GiGi", my new library book.
- My dad giving me this really cool keyboard. I'm excited about practicing the piano again and teaching my kids.
- A fun 4th of July.
- Our watermelons are finally growing in our garden.
- A love letter John left for me on the kitchen counter Monday morning.
- Cottage cheese with peaches, honey, and cinamon.
- Hearing the cricket's at night.
- Air Conditioning.
- My moms baked beans.
- Seeing my neices Hallie and Noelle on Wednesday.


Renee said...

Watermelons! Yum, can I come over? And I'll have to bring John M., because we just discovered that he loves watermelon too.

jenica said...

i started reading your blog about the same time that you turned comments off. but i wanted you to know how much i love your grateful fridays and your beautiful pictures. you always get me excited again to go back to mamahood. ;-D

have a great weekend!

acumamakiki said...

Oh comments! Happy Friday Heather - your week sounds divine.

Allison said...

How sweet of John with the love letter! That would've made my week. I'm going to try watermelons in my garden next year. Let me know if you have any tips on growing them. We are going on vacation soon and I'm going to try to take the book "Suite Francaise" with me...not sure I'll get any reading done but I'm going to pack it! Looks like a good one. (I know you mentioned "GiGi" in this post, but I also saw the other book in your sidebar so I thought I'd mention it.) Have a great week!

Chrissie Grace said...

You have such a gift of appreciation. Thanks for the inspiration!

Laney said...

I love the idea of grateful friday...thanks for sharing.

vickie said...

oh the comments are back! Love love the sunday night ritual...have to try that, but we always have trouble with the transition to bed thing, keeping them asleep.

Would love to see pics of the watermelons growing and to know how difficult and easy they are to grow!

happy monday,