Friday, July 13, 2007

Grateful Friday

(Photo for Vickie, who wanted to see my melons (the ones in my garden you perv) :) he he
So here is some watermellon, and some corn, and of course the ever adorable Jack watering the garden. Ok Here is my grateful list today
1. Strawberry shortcake (the dessert not cartoon)
2. Camping trip in one week
3. Sound of crickets chirping through our window at night.
4. Loving Ani Difranco's "Reprieve" album lately
5. A trip to S.F. planned for Monday
6. Roaming through the isles of Trader Joes

ok this last picture is for my concerned anonymous commentor. You were right. We turned it around. The directions on the side of the seat confused us, and we liked seeing our little guys face, but really you are right, he is safer this way. So thanks, even though I was slightly annoyed by you, at least you were nice about it and now he is safe, and that is more important than my pride.


Renee said...

Ooh, nice melons there, Heather. ;^)
Hmm, I didn't see the comment, but I like the way the kids are kind of zigzagged in the carseats now.

Allison said...

Great garden and adorable kids! Wondering if you planted it all yourselves or was it there when you moved in? I'm new at the gardening thing but I'm loving it! Did your kids make the cute decorations along your fence?

Molly said...

I am delurking to say hello! And I love Ani Difranco. :) You have a lovely blog, and I look forward to exploring more!

telfair said...


Your garden is awesome. Our garden is going nuts lately, but we don't have anything as well-endowed as those melons.

:) said...

I love the last shot - great angle and there's a ziggy-zag to their arrangement in the car that's perfection.

jenica said...

i love your grateful days. always bring a smile to my face.

PJ said...

Precious cargo in the back seat :) Love the garden! By the way...what are those ADORABLE pieces of ART on the fence rails..whas that just painted on 2x4's? I LOVE them.

vickie said...

Oh Happiness!!! thank you for showing me your melons...HA! that was funny. seriously, the watermelon is beauuuutiful! I am encouraged to try these maybe next summer. we had some of our corn last night...but i don't know what i'm doing wrong with it because we only get a few ears per stalk, like 2. is that normal?

love your garden and the cutie watering it.

and yes i too find great joy in wandering the isles of trader joes

happy monday!