Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend at the Beach

We made our way to Stinson beach this weekend. It is our favorite beach so far. There were lots of dogs runnign around which made it even more lively and fun. People watching was fantastic.
Rocky loved sitting in the sand, unfortunalty we couldn't keep him from shoving handfuls in his mouth so he couldn't sit there for very long.
Stella making sand angles

< DSC00430

Overall a super day and weekend. Hope your's was excellent.


tinkerwiththis said...

i'm reading a book right now that mentions stinson beach and i thought, hey, i just heard that might like it, it's called "perfecting kate" and it's a christian artist living in san fran trying to find a good christian guy. i'm not quite done so i can't comment on the entire story yet, but so far i'm addicted to finsihing it.

h&b said...

Love the one of Rocky, and the one of Dad with all the kids.

How do you get your compostions and colour so *intoxicating*