Monday, October 04, 2010

hardly strickly bluegrass

Sunday, John and I went to the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass concert in Golden Gate park. It was insanely crowded but so worth it. This crowd was for the Indigo Girls, I had a hard time capturing how many people were really there, it was amazing. They sounded great! We saw Early Scruggs next and then the highlight for me, and the reason we came, was to see Patti Smith
She was awesome. She rocked it with some newer stuff and then ended it with Gloria. She sounded even better then her albums and I could feel her energy. We ended our day at the concert with Emmylou Harris who sounded just like a pretty little songbird, and then we were off so catch our bus home. It was an incredibly fun day. Also I want to say a special thanks to my mom who came and watched the kids. Thanks mom, your my hero!

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Marilyn said...

my sweetie, J, had a gig at a place at Ocean Beach on Friday night and passed by the festival en route. when he came home, he asked if i'd heard of the festival. uh...YEAH. :) i've never been, but how great that it's grown so much over the years. sounds like you had a swell time.