Friday, October 08, 2010

Grateful Friday

If you ask Jack what he wants to be when he grows up, he'll tell you an artist.
He stays up late drawing and stays in bed until the last minute drawing in the morning. I find little pieces of "art" around the house.
Taped to the walls. Yesterday I found these two pieces. I haven't asked him for names for them yet, but I love finding them. The taped rocks were taped to the middle of our living room wall. He doesn't think he is doing art, he is just making these things that he thinks are cool and wants to show them off to everyone. The definition of an artist right? :)
The leaf with the soda can top and the dangling spiky balls was hanging from a blade of grass taped to our refrigerator. I can't wait to see if Jack really stays an artist as he grows up. In my mind he already is one. He is beautiful.

Grateful list
1. The artist in our house
2. Date night tonight
3. Playing farmville
4. Coffee
5. Sitting and having coffee with my mom
6. Feeling better today (was feeling a bit sick the last few days)
7. Pancakes with whiped cream
8. New notebooks
9. New books waiting for me at the library
10. It's Friday!!!


Marilyn said...

Jack's art is awesome! how wonderful for him to have something that stirs that kind of passion...where he can just get lost in it. and how wonderful that you support him in it. have a great weekend!

Soldier without a War said...

I love this post. I really like how Artistic he is. Thats cool that he thinks outside the box with the "mobile" of the pop top and leaf/flowers... and i actually really like his pirate ship. I would love to get a piece of his art in the mail and would frame it and put it on my wall... hint hint. I really like skulls and hearts... can he make that happen?? :)