Monday, May 11, 2009

missing miss honey

Miss Honey

It's 2:58 am and I can't stop coughing. I've been coughing since Thursday I think. We were all sick this weekend. I NEVER take cough medicine, but last night John downed some Robitussin and was singing it's praises 10 minutes later with no cough, so desperate, I thought I'd try it, just to get some sleep, and rest my throat. It didn't work. At all. And I can't sleep. John is sleeping AND not coughing. I'm going to try some Bartok root tomorrow. Anyone have any good or bad things to say about it?

To add to my already pathetic weekend, our kitty Miss Honey was hit by a car on Saturday. The lady who hit her followed us to the pet hospital and paid for everything. I carried her broken body in, her limp, and awake in a towel and handed her to the Doctor. X-ray's showed a broken back, both back legs and pelvis were broken as well. We had to put her to sleep. I brought her out and the kids said goodbye, and then I walked back and she passed away quickly with me whispering in her ear. I miss her. I still can't believe she is gone. I feel responsible somehow. Maybe we should have forced her to stay indoors even though since the moment we brought her home she wanted to jump and play outside. She was an indoor/outdoor kitty. I feel like I failed her. Miss Honey was the perfect cat for our family and we will miss her.


Helen said...

I am so so sorry. Miss Honey was the sweetest and she will be missed dearly. Hang in there, I hope your cold goes away soon too. xoxo

Soldier without a War said...

I am so sad about this. Miss Honey was such a sweet kitty. :( So sorry....

jenica said...

so sad.


patrice said...

No words really.
Just sad.

dogfaeriex5 said...

i know how you feel so much..a family member backed over our sweet wilma wasnt her fault, we think she was already injured or sick as she always came to us as soon as the garage door open up..she was the most magical sweetest cat..i miss her her with all my heart ..i know wilma j is showing miss honey the ropes..take care sweet one...xo

Laura said...

Oh I am so sorry. Please don't ever feel guilty. Your Miss Honey lived life to the fullest thanks to you allowing her the freedom to explore the world outside. Sadly things like this can happy to God's little favorite furry creatures (happened to a beautiful kitty of mine), but rest asured, Miss Honey is grateful for the life you gave to her in her year's here on Earth. She was blessed to have a family who loved her like you and your children.

Chris said...

Oh no, that just breaks my heart. Miss Honey looked like such a sweety. I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved kitty.

koffiekitten said...

How sad, I'm sorry that she is gone.

Anonymous said...

wow so sorry to hear about miss honey. you know you could not have loved her more, so that's why she was with you - for you to learn deep creature loving ways - and she's still smiling now and dashing inside and outside just as she used to - and maybe you might hear the rustle of leaves or a little bell near the window - and that's her - saying thank you for loving her as much as you do... and that she'll never forget you if you always remember her with a smile and with confidence in your heart that you cared as much as you could and she says she looks forward to welcoming you up into heaven one day (but not too soon)! much love from a reader who loves your story and beautiful piccie of miss honey (and you, i suspect!) - claudia from xxx

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