Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Things Rocky has gotten time out for this week:
time out
- Kicking our kitty
- Screaming at the dinner table "watch out spiderman!" over and over again at the top of his lungs, not stopping when we ask him to.
time out
- Biting Stella's nipple
- Throwing the kitten into a mud puddle
- Throwing a block at Jack's head at close range and laughing.
time out
So we sit him in time out, and usually he pouts and serves his time. I sat him in time out yesterday and stuck my camera around the corner so he couldn't see me. He heard me though and kept saying "I seeeee you" as I snapped pictures. He is a clown this kid.


gonzomama said...

hmmm, this sounds so familiar.
especially the not listening part.
how old is rocky?

Gabbie said...

Love it. Don't know what's more infuriating - the reasons they're in the corner, or when they go freely, do their time, and smile about it...cheeky monkeys!

Elissa said...

and that SWEET little face!!!!! this is SO familiar. there is a reason God made them so cute ;-)

Lori said...

hee - this brings back so many good memories...

jenica said...

i just love how tiny he looks in that big chair! have i told you about the book, "if i were a lion?" it fits so nicely with this and is the favorite book of our third child too. ;-D