Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I think I've lost my will to blog momentarily. I just don't care about it. There have been times where I've been slightly obsessed with my blog, and yours. Racking my brain for blog topics. Wondering if you have updated yours, checking 10 times a day to see if so and so had posted. It was a nice break.
Moments throughout my day I would take to peak into your life. Lately though I just don't care all that much. Not that I don't care about you, but I don't HAVE to check all of the blogs I read, and I don't really CARE if I haven't written a blog post this week. I know this might change at any moment, and that's OK.
For now though I'm doing other things. I'm not checking out here, I'm still posting and reading your blogs, just noticing a change in myself, that's all.


Soldier without a War said...

dude... i feel that way all the time!! sometimes it is just too much pressure!!! :)

beth said...

we all go through phases like that and it's okay to take time to step back and look at yourself!

I have felt that way a few times but then realized that blogging for me is the only journal that I keep on my life and thoughts....so even if nobody reads it, it's a least a place for me to go to...

but ohhh.....no apologies are ever needed here...this is your space !

TheOrganicSister said...

i love to blog so i rarely feel like not blogging - writing is my main creative outlet. but i do go thru times when i just don't want to be online, reading blogs, spending time writing them. in those times i just wish they would materialize out of my head and onto my blog without my effort at all. :)

i have taken long breaks from the internet. those times are great. catching up after them is hard though!


trish said...

well said. and beth is right - this is your space to do with what you want. the idea that if a person has a blog that they MUST post is not what it should be all about!

tinkerwiththis said...

i feel like i haven't checked back in so long. i'm sorry! but seriously, your kids are getting SO big. it's amazing. time is whizzing by my head....

gonzomama said...

funny, i've been feeling the same this past week or so.
i've been checking in every so often on everyone else, but spent little time on mine.
sometimes we just need to recharge and focus that energy elsewhere.

glad you popped back in for a bit though!

(on a side note: i really appreciate that link you sent me regarding the fels naptha. i've been using dr. bronner's bar soap and it is working even better. it costs a bit more, but i also have been using only 1 bar per batch. hope you found an alternative that you are happy with!)

marz said...

I know exactly what you mean! I don't like when my head feels stuck in blog world. My latest self-imposed thing is forcing myself to be short & to the point, which I do much better when writing from my phone. :) :) see you in the morning!