Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Rain + Rocky
The rain has been keeping us entertained the last few days. Rocky plays out in it as though it was a bright sunny day. Even after Jack and Stella come in for shelter, he stays playing, not minding that he is out there alone. We sit huddled together in our towels watching him. I make warm honey milk for them when he finally comes in. We sit drinking together, the couch turned toward the open screen door so we can watch the "rain show". It's loud and it's nice to just sit and listen and drink. Later we make "Irish Soda Bread" and I am happy it turned out so well. We sit at the table and tare it apart. There is a little left for John by dinner time. It was a good day looking back. While I was in it though, I remember thinking that it was a long day, and that I needed a break. I remember throwing my hands up, and rescuing my kitty from near decapitation. And also wanting to just crawl into bed and hide from the kids. My days are always a mix of these moments, sometimes one out ways the other and I can label the day "good" or "bad" easily. Really though my days just ARE. They are what they are, a bit of this and that, and we all make it through every time, loving one another.

Ps. Hey, look where I am! The coolest blog EVER


Helen said...

I have been feeling the SAME way. The rain..stuck inside mostly..cabin fever..child is crawling the walls.

Erin said...

Well said ... I can totally relate!
Beautiful blog.

randi said...

Life with small kids is so up and down. Enjoy those moments! You will have a load of fantastic memories at the end of all of the craziness! :)