Thursday, March 05, 2009

Greatful Friday

quiet time
* Jack lost his first tooth!!
* Helen watching my kids for 4 hours on Wednesday!!
* My "recepie" for homeschooling over here.
* This week: Amos Lee
* American Idol
* Homemade laundry deterget that we actually really really like.
Love-found at the beach
* Love notes found at the beach.


Elissa said...

recent photos are beautiful!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!! sorry about not getting enough sleep, but it's doing something to your eye for beauty that is for sure :-)

congrats to jack on the tooth... such a big deal!

care to share your secret on the laundry detergent?

eclecticcuriosities said...

congratulations to jack! did he have a visit from the tooth fairy? and would love to know more about the laundry detergent - haven't been able to make on that really works.....sounds like you had a nice week....

gonzomama said...

oh, that first tooth! so exciting!

i'm glad you tried the detergent and liked it.
what ingredients did you end up using? we are about to experiment with some new soap, so i'd love to know what you used.

Soldier without a War said...

love the beach note!! awww...jack lost his first toooth?? and who makes homemade laundry soap..?? damn hippies.... lol...

anna said...

I love that found love note at the beach! : )

And are you going to share the recipe for the laundry detergent?

Helen said...

were you able to locate 'washing soda' ?? I still havent a clue what that is..

jenica said...

those are all very good things!