Friday, March 13, 2009

Greatful Friday

* Adventures with our homeschool group. The kids finding murky swampy bodies of water to get wet and explore in and me resisting the urge to grab my kids away and tell them not to get wet in dark water. Watching my kids laugh and be brave and get dirty.
* John had yesterday and today off from work!
living roof
* A trip to the Academy of Science in San Francisco yesterday. They had "Homeschool Day" we had a really great time. The best part was that the kids were excellent all day long. No fits, no breakdowns, no one got lost. Good things.
* A trip to the Jelly Belly factory today
* Rocky going to sleep without me nursing him!! YAHOO!!


nowadayz said...

Yay about Rocky! and hoe fun about John home, I love when Gene is home :) :) and.... my computer working again! yippee!

anna said...

The Jelly Belly factory?! How much fun!! Yum, I would be grateful for that too!

Anonymous said...

hi from oregon! sounds like you had a good week....and how fun was it to watch the kids be adventuresome??? have another good week next week!