Friday, February 27, 2009

Greatful Friday

brother and sister
* Taught how to worm compost by our friend Amy. Jack and Stella are now the proud owners of a bunch of wriggley worms who will eat our leftovers and turn it into gold for our garden.
* Helen's new insipring blog Homeschool.Style.Bytes
* Meeting with my friend Lorrie for coffee. She gave my kids the best dress up clothes EVER! Thank you!
* Playing on the teeter totter with the kids
* Miss Honey my little kitty. She likes to ride on my shoulder as I walk around the house.
* Hot showers


Soldier without a War said...

if you EVER get rid of that teeter totter, i want it. Actually...dont ever get rid of it til i have room for it :)... i really like the idea of the worms compost pile..seems neat AND i LOVE that Miss Honey rides on your shoulder....that is so so cute! :)

RW said...

Composting is one of my favourite things.

Helen said...

Thank you Heather!
Great picture. The kids look like little ewoks..