Friday, February 13, 2009

Greatful Friday

* Jack's excitement about my artist friend Maritza's art class each week.
* The kids actually listened to me and stayed in their room this morning until 7am playing. It's something new were trying so I don't have to start my day with the older two at 5:30am every day.
* An understanding compassionate husband.
* Oatmeal with nuts and berries.
* Bird watching and listening in the backyard yesterday. The kids were engaged and excited.
* This quote "“The world and its complex terrible wonderful webs of civilization are far bigger and older than our nineteenth-century factory-style compulsory schooling system. There is room for all kinds of people–those who love books, and those who’d rather build things and take them apart all day, not just for an hour in woodshop or autoshop. There’s room for those who would rather wander dreaming on a glacier, and perhaps awaken the rest of us with some truthful words in the tradition of Thoreau, Ed Abbey, Annie Dillard. There’s room for those who want to make lasagna and french bread an apple pie all day. None of these callings are better or worse than others. None mean failure as a human being, but they may likely cause “failure” in a dull system that never asked you to be a part of it in the first place.”

-Grace Llewellyn
* Homeschool Valentines day party we had on Tuesday. Good friends, pink crafts, candy, valentine exchange.
* Lip gloss.


Elissa said...

great quote! i don't homeschool, but I SO agree with that and hold so much respect for those of you who do!

marzkim said...

I love seeing how much Jack loves it! It's obvious how much he's soaking in the experience!

Anonymous said...

jack's art is so astounding. this is obviously something he loves to do. i think he caught it from his mom! you'll need to tell me more about the birds....nature study day? thanks for caring for rach today - and your wise words earlier this week.

Helen said...

Happy Heart Day! Thanks for adding to the flickr was getting lonely in there :)

RW said...

We are trying steel cut oats served up with frozen blueberries and goats milk.

Lori said...

i love that grace llewellyn quote! :^)

vickie said...

LOVE the quote! we have just changed schools because of a very dissappointing private school. and are now able to be a bit happier at a free charter. i totally agree with this quote...we need to let the children shine no matter who they are. our school system is sad.