Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So today I enjoyed a little time out, thanks to the Great and Mighty Helen. Anyone who takes on three kids plus their own gets introduced as Great and Mighty. I went to Target and made a photo Christmas shopping list for John. He has been hounding me for a couple weeks now for Christmas ideas.
I keep saying clothes, and he just keeps asking like he didn't hear me. I should be more clear and just say "money to buy clothes" but I can't make myself say it. So today I took some pictures so he can go in like I'm right there with him telling him what I like. I asked him for the new Britany Spears CD too :). What?!! I like her. Anyway, it was a nice time away. I came home and the kids took a little nap and I preped dinner. Tonight we are going to go to the town square and look at the giant lit up Christmas tree and drink hot coco. Have a good afternoon everyone!


Soldier without a War said...

i love love love that yellow bag. Now, i want it :)...those purple shoes are cute too!! I love Brittany as well...i have her two new songs on my playlist, womanizer and circus...i like the idea of the photo xmas will get you a green purse and the shoes will be beige...hahahahahaha

gonzomama said...

great idea with the photo list! i love that yellow bag too - hope your christmas wishes come true!

Helen said...

ooooh, the Great & Mighty...that has a nice ring to it :)

I saw the Britney Spears mtv documentary the other week and I totally felt for her.

Amy said...

I love the idea of photographic lists. I first wrote photographic lusts. Same thing.

koffiekitten said...

what a great idea to make photo's

Jus said...

I have that yellow bag. I could not resist it - especially those metal bits with designs. Anyway my youngest smeared Rosebud Salve all over it so it is out of commission for the moment but seems to work - did you get it?