Friday, November 07, 2008

Grateful Friday

- Megapixel Mama meetup
- Jack's sweet smile
- Yo-Yo Ma Cd's from the library (thanks Trish for the intro)
Blue sky, Red tree
- Bright blue sky's
- Cake
- Mix Cd's
- This week: Nina Simone, John Mayer, Pink Floyd
- My friend Helen.
- Sitting with Trish on a cool day by a fire learning to knit better while the kids quietly trash the bedroom.


Rebecca F. said...

Oh my. That first pic of Jack is to die for!!

Great photography. Truly.

Helen said...

WOW! That photo of Jack is absolutely perfect!
Great day today.
p.s. if I ever need a portrait done I am coming to you..

Anonymous said...

Jack is such a sweet boy. My heart is yearning to be able to just pick him up, hug & kiss him and make him giggle. Very soon I hope. I love you all so much. <:@)

Anonymous said...

i love that pic of jack and the last pic of look like a kid!! :)

<3, Heidi