Friday, October 31, 2008

Grateful Friday

- We had a really fun Halloween party for our homeschool group. I loved that some of my friends came dressed up. The witch is my friend Helen who terrified Jack for the first 1/2 hour of the party until she showed him her hair under her hat and wig.
- Healthy muffins. You know the kind that are thick and a bit dry. I like them, I like to warm them up and put honey and jam on them. I like that I can drink them with coffee and that they are good for me.
- Going to bed early. I'm grateful sound sleep. There have been many times in my life (3 pregnancy's, 3 nursing sleepless babies) that sleep has not been good. It is now and I'm grateful.
- Hand me down clothes for my kids from my friend Maritza. My kids have grown up in other peoples clothes and we are so thankful.
- Next Tuesday. Democracy. Voting. Change.
- Friends who will cry on your shoulder.
- Blackberry Jam. I love it.


Amy said...

Thank YOU for being the shoulder. You helped me change the whole energy of our path yesterday. We, I, are so grateful to you and your family. I just love you.

Marz said...

hey you, I wonder if you think I don't check your blog as often? I get it on google reader now :). Anyway I love your grateful posts. Your muffin one makes me think of the ones you made for me, and I DEVOURED those puppies (sounds ghoulish to say it that way.) Z loved Helen's getup. Kept saying "Hi wit-th!" Cute. I love seeing Rockie in those clothes. Like the 3rd boy I'll never have, ha ha. I am glad you are the friend who knows the path I am on right now. The hard path. :)

Helen said...

Geez, that lady gives me the chills :)

Yes..sleep. A good thing.