Monday, October 27, 2008

For the past week Cinderella here has been watching over me as I do the dishes. I'm not sure how she got up there, but I sure don't mind the company. My guess is John thought it was might help to have a commiserator so he perched her there. It's funny how the kids toys are inching there way into every aspect of my life. I always wondered when I saw the moms with their hair done up in teeny tiny colorful claw clips (I really have seen more than one mom with this hair do, am I the only one?) how they had slipped so far as to not even notice that their hair was not their own any more. I'm starting to get it though. I find myself humming kids songs while I grocery shop. I find crayons and rocks in my pockets frequently. I'm keeping my hair as is though, on second thought a pink headband might jazz things up a bit


Anonymous said...

Heather, I'm positive that you have not seen my 'pink headband', but wearing it on my head during walks lifts me up and make me feel like a professional athlete. Have not tried the tiny clips yet. I would love little toys in my pocket. The little green elephant goes on some of my walks with me thanks to Precious Jack. :+)

Anonymous said...

mom REALLY does have a pink sports sweat band that stops her sweating when she walks...ha ha. Leave the tiny claw clips to other moms (yes, sadly, i have seen them too). I love cinderella by the sink...very cute.

luv u~ Heidi

Amy said...

Awesome observation - your body is not your own, so to speak - but really, I think you should just sport Stella's rat's nest. I am.

jenica said...

i once told my kids that i was beginning to feel like cinderella. my oldest replied, "and i'm the EVIL STEPMOTHER!!!"

our big problem is that i find little girl panties in the diaper bag and my purse... and then later, soaked in pee on the floor, and always in odd places.


Rebecca F. said...

I think Cinderella is saying "I hear ya sista. I'm right here with you, scrubbin' away."

Hee hee!